Abortion : THE FACTS

26 10 2008

Did you know?


FACT #1: Some babies actually survive Abortions (attempted murder).  These babies are born-alive, in the hands of a doctor who had just tried to kill them.  Furthermore, these babies are also issued birth certificates according to State laws.

FACT #2: Senator Obama voted 4 times to deny any medical rights to babies who survived an Abortion. As Senator Obama’s record shows – he wants these babies to die.  Like the Lawyer he is, Senator Obama attempted to redefine these born-alive babies as “pre-viable fetuses” – just so he could deny these babies all medical rights.

FACT #3: Michelle Obama has supported Partial Birth Abortions! She calls it a “legitimate medical procedure”!

Challenge to America: Do you really know what Partial Birth Abortion is?

Fight Against Injustice.  This is not America’s “Liberty and Justice for All.”

AmericaWe Must Defeat Senator Obama.




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