America – Stand Up!


Our 2008 election is unlike any other in history; it’s not between two parties, or even between two candidates. This election is between America vs. Socialism. Two ideologies at war: One Must Win. They cannot co-exist.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  –Burke

America – We are the Good MenNow is the Time To Stand Up!

All Americans – Right now.  Join Us!  Will you not Fight for Freedom?  Stand Up!  Stand Up for America!  Stand Up Against Socialism!  Preserve & Defend our Great Country.  Just as our grandfathers fought for her, so shall we also now fight for her.  United we Stand once again.  For all of America At home, at work – everywhere. This is our cry.  America, Stand Up!

Stand Up because Senator Obama has been hiding something from you.  Something every American must know!  His voice is calm; Yet, he is hiding a radical agenda which threatens the very fabric of Freedom.  America – Your Challenge:

Do you really know what Socialism is?

1.) What is Socialism?

2.) THE FACTS: Senator Obama’s Hidden Socialist Ties

3.) THE FACTS: Senator Obama’s Hidden Tax Plans for Socialism

4.) THE FACTS: Obama’s Hidden Legislative Plans for Socialism

5.) THE FACTS : Senator Obama’s Hidden Abortions

Obama & Abortion