THE FACTS : Senator Obama’s Socialist Past

28 10 2008

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

America, These are verifiable facts.  Please… Wake Up!  Obama is not who he says he is.

“A Man is Known by the Company He Keeps.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This Diagram uses credible & verifable sources.  All claims can instantly be verified within a couple minutes.

Here they are for you in plain view:  View Extensive Sources Here.

Class Warfare – Obama’s Socialist Tax Plan

27 10 2008

Obama’s Socialist Tax Plans:

  • Class Warfare – Turning Americans Against Eachother.  As prescribed by Karl Marx & Saul Alinsky.
  • Confiscation of Private Property from hard-working American Citizens for redistribution of wealth!
  • Creates Large, Invasive Government to Achieve Economic Power over the American people.
  • Government Determines Who Gets What.


THE FACTS : Obama’s Socialist Legislation

27 10 2008

America, Wake Up!

FACT: Obama believes there is a “Fundamental Flaw” in our United States Constitution!


Obama plans to hurt our employers with extreme tax increases!  When Obama hurts us and our hard-working companies & employers, he hurts us all.  Those are our jobs!  Class warfare hurts EVERYONE and will destroy the very fabric of Freedom in America.  America – You Good Men – Stand Up!  Do Something!


What is Socialism?

27 10 2008

Karl Marx:  Author of the Communist Manifesto

America & the Capitalism we enjoy allows us all the American Dream – the Freedom to succeed & start our own businesses.  Capitalism has allowed the United States to be the most successful and Free nation in the world.  In America – If you work hard & get an A+, you deserve an A+.  However, Socialism’s goal is for everyone to be “equal”, and thus uses Government to perform “economic justice” on its people.  Economic Justice is really the “redistribution of wealth” to penalize the successful and reward the unsuccessful.  Socialism is Class-warfare, executed by a powerful Government which controls & confiscates the personal property and liberty of its people.

Socialism’s Flaw:  You can never make poor people successful by giving them other people’s hard-earned money! On the contrary, a Socialist Government instills hostility between its people through class warfare.  Socialism only incentivizes laziness; wherein, people become increasingly more dependent on the Government because of its abusive power to remove Freedoms from the people, confiscating their personal property and liberty.

America was founded on the principle of Freedom from Government (our United States Constitution & Bill of Rights).  Our Founders fought & died for us: to keep Government limited.  Regardless of its sales pitch of “giving to the poor”, Socialism results in a Government which invades & controls more and more of people’s lives. Power and control are transferred; instead of People ruling Government – a Socialist Government rules the People. Socialism is based on Freedom of Government; wherein, the Government determines ‘who gets what’ by controlling, confiscating, & redistributing the people’s personal properties and liberties.

Freedom and Socialism cannot co-exist. Socialism is Anti-Freedom and Anti-American.

Socialism must be rejected.

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Quick Video:  Our Great President Ronald Regan – On Freedom & “We The People”


Don’t be fooled:  Socialism can happen here in America.  Fear is a powerful motivator.  Fear makes people do illogical things: Like giving Government abusive control & power over their lives, businesses, free markets, and personal property, to do with as Government sees fit.


Abortion : THE FACTS

26 10 2008

Did you know?


FACT #1: Some babies actually survive Abortions (attempted murder).  These babies are born-alive, in the hands of a doctor who had just tried to kill them.  Furthermore, these babies are also issued birth certificates according to State laws.

FACT #2: Senator Obama voted 4 times to deny any medical rights to babies who survived an Abortion. As Senator Obama’s record shows – he wants these babies to die.  Like the Lawyer he is, Senator Obama attempted to redefine these born-alive babies as “pre-viable fetuses” – just so he could deny these babies all medical rights.

FACT #3: Michelle Obama has supported Partial Birth Abortions! She calls it a “legitimate medical procedure”!

Challenge to America: Do you really know what Partial Birth Abortion is?

Fight Against Injustice.  This is not America’s “Liberty and Justice for All.”

AmericaWe Must Defeat Senator Obama.


SOURCES : Obama’s Socialist Past

25 10 2008